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Click image to display current Air Quality - Ban Ruammit - Gaia 02 at is an external site may contain adverts.

Scroll down to see the air quality historical data for the Gaia 02 station.

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PM 2.5 Levels

Air Quality (PM 2.5) in South East Asia - from is an external site.

Displays current and forecast PM2.5 levels together with atmospheric pressure

High pressure to the north can cause PM 2.5 levels to increase when air is pushed down from China


Fire Mapper ( FIRMS ) South East Asia - source NASA is an external site.

Displays current fires over last 24 hours and can be configured to show different time periods and other parameters.

Note: You should check and/or adjust the date that selects data for display.

NASA | EOSDIS Worldview

EOSDIS World view satellite image South East Asia - source NASA is an external site.

The image shows smoke drift, cloud cover and fires and can display historical data


You must check and/or configure the date in the lower left corner each time of use.

Historical AQI statistics since 2017 for PWS GAIA 02 Ban Ruammit - updated monthly