Rainfall statistics for
Chiang Rai area

Updated 02 June 2021

Annual rainfall by year

Total annual rainfall 2013 - 2021

Monthly rainfall 2020

Rainfall by month 2021
Baan Ruammit

Monthly rainfall 2013 > now Jan to April

How much rain so far this year compared to previous years ?

Area rainfall differentail

Comparison of rainfall over different areas for last month

Monthly rainfall 2013 > to now Jan to April

Driest, wettest months and average rainfall

Monthly rainfall 2013 > now Jan to April

Monthly rainfall compared 2013-2021
January to April

Monthly rainfall 2013 > now May to August

Monthly rainfall compared 2013-2020
May to August

Monthly rainfall 2013 > now Sept to December

Monthly rainfall compared 2013-2020
September to December

The data for rainfall can be displayed either as an annual chart or by each year with monthly totals. This hopefully provides a "comparative picture".

A point to note is that rainfall is generally localised, so while one area may get 2 or 3 centimetres of rain, another may get little or nothing. Over a year it tends to average out.

The data for each PWS in the area is uploaded generally to Weather Underground. A list of the ones in the Chiang Rai town area can be found in the Weather section or the  Links.

To view the detailed PWS rainfall data in the Mae Yao area ( near Baan Ruammit ) click on an image of your choice.